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Our team is made up of 4 founders - working in business, management, sport, HR and education. On top of this core team, there is a network of collaborators and partners experts  in areas and sectors that are complementary and functional to athletes' career. 

In 2020 we started working together to develop and offer a service helping athletes getting the most out of their career beyond sport and to overcoming the related challenges, including retirement.

Il nostro team

Sara Spadoni

CEO & Foundress

Career Development, Sport Management, Project & Event Management, HR, Training, Education 



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10 years of international experience among Qatar, France, Switzerland and UK, in PMO, HR, L&D, education and career consulting at UEFA, SDA Bocconi, Aspire & RCS Sport.


8 years of experience in corporate finance, sports management, and education. Project manager at SDA Bocconi for FIFA, Qatar 2022, NBPA. Chartered accountant.


Over 20 years as executive director of sports and entertainment events, including Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 and UEFA Champions League. Lecturer for Bocconi and RCS Academy. 


Amost 20 years in finance and startups. 4 years as CFO and HR Director of Flixbus. Auditor and Chartered Accountant. 10 years as President of Bocconi Sport Team. 

La nostra rete


We believe that a satisfactory career- in sport and beyond - requires a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, which looks after the athlete at 360°. This approach calls for the overall well-being, which touches the psychophysical, professional and financial sphere.  Sharing knowledge, competences and information is at the basis of our method an it is the reason behind our network of collaborations and partnerships with professionals and organizations working  for the well-being, education, growth and development of athletes and their careers


Working with Opera means connecting with professionals and organizations with whom we collaborate and who are part of our network and access their knowledge and services.

Having a network allows us:

  • on the one hand, to do research, share information, exchange ideas, develop practices and methods, inform and disseminate

  • on the other, to offer athletes and organizations working with us a preferential access to the services of qualified professionals, organizations and companies that put athletes and people at the centre. At the same time, athletes and organizations working with our collaborators and partners benefit from benefits on Opera paths and services

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Mental Coaching (Sport Psychologists Team Italy)

15 years experience as a Mental Coach with Pro Athletes and Elite Clubs, Coaches and Managers. Member of the Italian Sport Psychologists association. Degree in Psychological Sciences and Pedagogy, Master in Mental Coaching and Human Performance. Training at CONI in Neuroscience Applied to Sport.



Research - Education

PhD student in physical sciences, with a research project on athletes' career. Specialized in Sport Management at Luiss. Coach and manager in Italian basketball for over 7 years.



Sport Agency - Athlete management

Gold Sport is one of the leading volleyball agencies for players and coaches at international level. Gold Sport proposes a new approach and a new way of supporting and managing assisted athletes and coaches, making the most of their potential, while planning their future at the same time. Gold Sport represents and takes care of its players, both on and off the court, offering a service that goes beyond the traditional phases of negotiation and the deals research, considering athlete's life at 360°. This innovative approach, attentive to the person as well as the athlete, has led to the collaboration with Opera, which helps Gold Sport's athletes to understand which career paths and projects to pursue beyond the court.

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Financial advice

As a Financial Advisor, he takes care of optimizing personal finance choices and managing capital, often athletes'ones, but he does so starting from financial education, which leads to informed and aware choices when it comes to managing one's own capital and investments. This approach, based on knowledge, sharing and learning - in addition to Davide's professionalism and organization - led to the collaboration with Opera.

I nostri principi


From our research, from our work with athletes, from our values 

  • Every athlete is first of all a person

  • Career is one unique path

  • The career of athlete corresponds to the professional path, of those who exercise the athlete's profession, over a certain period of one's working life

  • Focusing on something else beyond sports is NOT detrimental to sport performance, even improve it

  • Being an athlete by profession is a opportunity not limit

  • Athletes are resources for the sport system, the work environment and the whole society

  • The career of athletes is: uniqueall-encompassingunpredictabletemporary and often taboo 

  • The career of athletes is characterized by three challengesPersonal (Difficulty in recognizing oneself in a role and in an identity other than that of an athlete), Professional (poor preparation for a job other than that of an athlete) and Financial (earnings uncertainty and discontinuity )

  • Athletes have the right and the duty to choose a satisfactory path even at the personalformative and professional level

  • A socially and financially sustainable sport system is possible only if athletes, leagues, federations, clubs, agents and sponsors invest in skills and merit

La nostra Mission & Vision



Offer athletes guidance and support in starting and managing their career beyond sport, in a personalized, flexible, accessible way. 


Contribute to improving sport and society as a whole by giving a voice to the person beyond the athlete and enhancing the athlete's profession beyond sport, at social, cultural and economic level.

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