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Development Paths


Dedicated digital platform and support for one-to-one meetings with tutors and experts


To develop the knowledge and skills needed to build the action plan of your career goal / project

The Development Paths allow you to acquire and expand the knowledge and skills necessary and useful to implement and manage your career projects.

In these Paths you will have access to a series of content, activities and tools selected on your career project, characteristics and needs.


The Development Pathways focus on 3 key areas for career development beyond sport:

  • Career Personal Branding

  • Money Management

  • Entrepreneurship


At the end of these Paths you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and/or manage your career projects. Also here you will work under the guidance of tutors and experts, with whom you will meet individually. All within the Opera digital platform, accessible from PC and / or mobile.


The Development Paths are accessible only after the Orientation Path, which therefore becomes mandatory.

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