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Consultancy Path


One-to-one consultancy based on continuo meetings and exchanges wit tutors and experts, who will guide and accompany you throughout the journey


Here the objectives can be one, too or all those defined in the differente Paths, that is to identify your career goal/project, develop the knowledge and skills necessary to build the action plan and put it into practice to implement and achieve your goal and/or career plan

The Consulting Path is a totally personalized support path, in which you are constantly followed and shadowed by tutors and experts. Here Opera's digital platform becomes a support tool, as the consultancy is based on one-to-one meetings and activities.


The Consulting Path is completely individualized and is built and adapted on  your situation and career needs. Consequently, the objectives, outputs and duration of the Path may be different and variable.


The objectives of the Consultancy Path can be:

  • career orientation

  • development of knowledge and skills to be mastered for starting and/or carrying out your career beyond sport

  • personal and professional growth for a more effective and efficient management of relationships and activities in the sports field and beyond

  • guidance and support in the implementation of your career project

  • management and business consultancy over entrepreneurial activities and projects

The Consultancy Path is activated only after a consultation with our tutors and experts. After a first chat and a careful evaluation of your specific case, we will elaborate and share with you the most suitable Path and therefore proposal. All without any financial commitment, until the Path activation.


Since this is a fully personalized path, built on your needs, availability and objectives, it has a variable cost, which we can estimate only once we know your needs and situation. 

If you are interested in this Path contact us without any financial obligation to find out more and to receive a personalized proposal.

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