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One-to-one interviews on the dedicated digital platform with tutors and experts


Obtain answers and guidelines regarding specific questions, choices, goals and areas of your educational and professional career beyond sport

The Meetings are live one-to-one interviews, held within the Opera digital platform, accessible from PC and/or mobile.

The Live75 - lasting 75 minutes each - are scheduled according to your availability and those of the tutors and experts. 

We suggest that you choose the number of Live 75 based on the questions, the topics you need to cover and the results you want to achieve. Each meeting is aimed at answering and offering guidelines with respect to a specific question and/or topic, related to your career beyond sport.


We recommend the Meetings:

  • if and when you have a question or need to take a specific decision, such as choosing a training course, university faculty, etc.

  • as a first approach to career beyond sport, to obtain a first orientation on how to move within the education and/or work environment 

  • as a continuation of the Orientation Path, to have constant guidance and support, in activating and carrying out your career projects beyond sport


The Live75s can be purchased in 2 sizes:

  • Single Live75: a meeting at € 150+VAT

  • Triple Live75: three meetings for € 400+VAT

The first Live75 always includes an exploratory and cognitive test, which allows us to arrive more prepared for the meeting.​


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